Learn to sail

Beginning Sailing Program

“Aye Mate, take the tiller… experience the joy, the freedom and the excitement of sailing!”

Take the tiller of a 17 foot Hunter Sloop and let the wind fill the sails. You will find sailing a challenging and rewarding sport with lots to learn on shore and on the water. Plan to be sailing the very first day. The Beginner Sailing Program curriculum includes these subjects:

  • Safety Aspects of Sailing: Physical Fitness, PFD’s, Attire.
  • Environmental Awareness: Wind, Weather, Currents.
  • Sailboat Elements: Sail Power, Boat Parts, Knots and Lines.
  • Sailing Skills: Upwind, Downwind, Stopping, Docking.
  • Emergency Skills: Capsize Recovery, Overboard Drill….
  • Rules of the Road: Right of Way.

The instructional materials are designed by the United States Sailing Association. Participants receive 20 hours of land and on the water instruction. Participants must be at least 15 years of age and provide their own Coast Guard approved Type III or better Personal Floatation Device. The “Learn Sailing Right” textbook will be available for purchase at the first class.

Online registration is available at the Parks & Recreation page or call 563-326-7812.

For additional information contact Don Allebach, school@ldsc.org, 563 349-9437.