Taken a class, need more tiller time


Tiller Time 2018

The Tiller Time Program is intended specifically for LDSC Associate Members who want to sail throughout the summer but are not yet ready to buy a sailboat. The Tiller Time program removes the stress of boat ownership and makes the joy of sailing in the Quad Cities a reality for everyone. Members will be able to use the sailing school sailboats during open sailing hours. The goal will be to give new sailors enough time, encouragement, and individual assistance to build their skills and confidence to safely begin sailing on their own.


The Tiller Time season begins May 26th and ends September 1st.  Open sailing hours are:

  • Saturday- 9AM – 3PM
  • Occasionally Tuesday-5PM – Sunset
  • The number of open sailing days is always dependent on wind and river conditions. In the event too many weekend conditions are not suitable for sailing every attempt will be made to substitute weekday evenings.


Tiller Time members are evaluated to determine what wind speed and river conditions they are comfortable sailing in.  Once members receive a rating of 1 to 4, they are free to take out a sailboat during open sailing hours if the wind/river conditions are at or below their rating level.  Once they reach level 4 the members can bring friends and family free of charge and sail as often as they like.

The four Tiller Time member levels are:

  1. Tiller Time Beginner needs to refresh their skills with an instructor. Focus will be on leaving and returning to dock, raising sails, capsize recovery, points of sail, sailing a given course, etc.
  2. Tiller Time Solo skipper is able to sail alone with a single mainsail in green flag conditions.
  3. Tiller Time Intermediate level will be pairs of solo skippers acting as a team with two sails developing experience in green and yellow flag conditions.
  4. Tiller Time Advanced level will be skippers capable of sailing in red flag conditions and will be allowed to bring guests out during the open sail times.

The four wind and river conditions levels:

  • Green Flag – 1-10 mph and low river current
  • Yellow Flag – 11-14 mph and low to medium river current
  • Red Flag – 15-23 mph OR high river current
  • Black Flag – 24+ mph OR very high river current

Successful completion of one of our beginning classes with the Davenport Park and Recreation Dept. earns a beginner level rating.  Members are not required to take a class to advance a rating.  Individual evaluations will be performed as needed to determine the appropriate rating.  As skills improve, members can be evaluated for higher ratings.


Once you have joined LDSC as an Associate Member you can join Tiller Time

Individual Membership: $175     Family Membership: $300

Tiller Time Members pay an annual membership fee that is valid for the calendar year of the date of purchase. The fee includes:

  • Use of the QCSS school boats for approximately 15 days of supervised mentored sailing experience
  • Opportunities to crew for club racing on Wednesdays and Sunday series races

TO JOIN CONTACT: Don Allebach      QC Sailing School Director 2018

Mobile #563-439-9437 or DCAllebach@gmail.com